Green Schools

Working together for a sustainable future

Our Green Schools programme is long-established at Booterstown NS.  Over several years, we have been awarded Green Schools Flags for a wide range of themes.

Our first Green Flag was awarded in 2006, when the theme was

·   ​litter and waste


We still use the motto composed at that time... We don't want pollution. Let's be the solution!''.  Our team was led by Dee Langrell, the flag was presented by Joe Duffy, and it was raised at our school. A ceremony we enjoy with each new flag we earn.


Over the years, themes have also included:

·   energy

·   water

·   travel

·   biodiversity

·   global citizenship - litter and waste.


This current year (2023-24) we are working towards our Global Citizenship; Energy flag. We have a Green School Committee and we have met to put a plan in place for our school to become more energy-efficient. We have set up a rota of Energy Monitors in the classrooms and are currently auditing our usage of energy within the school. We will meet on a regular basis in our bid to earn another Green School Flag in 2024.

For more information on our next Green Schools flag please visit: