1st & 2nd Class

November & December News

November & December Class News

Food Dudes

In 1st and 2nd Class, we did Food Dudes. We got stickers and rewards only if we ate all our fruit and vegetables. The prizes were very cool. After that, we got a wall chart and every five days, we get certificates. Everyone enjoyed it.

By Elliott & Thomas


Sing-Song with Mrs McNicholas

In 1st and 2nd Class, Mrs McNicholas came into our classroom with her guitar. She played Christmas songs and we sang the songs: Away in a Manger, Jingle Bells, Santa is Coming to Town & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.

By Sarah & Jessica

Our Winter Hot Chocolates

In December, we made Hot Chocolate out of chalk for Art. How to make it:

1.       First, get a sheet of black A4 paper.

2.       Sketch a cup of hot chocolate lightly.

3.       Colour in with chalk (any colour).

4.       Put on toppings of your choice.

5.       Make a background.

6.       You’re done!

By Nayana & Eden

Smarties Data

Smarties Data was the most fun Maths Ms Walker ever did in all her years of teaching. First, we got a sheet of paper and a packet of smarties. When we were done, we could eat them (yummy)!

On the sheet, there were tally marks and then we created a bar chart with our results, and answered questions.

By Ivan & Saoirse


Some people in 1st & 2nd Class go to a group called Nurture. It is fun, yes, fun! We get jobs, such as getting toast, being the helper, helping with plates, cups, juice and crackers, wiping the table or relaxing. We will have a Nurture Week!! You’ll be able to come and have toast, orange juice and eat crackers! So come to Nurture, it is the best!

By Jack

Ulbhacháin Óga

In 1st & 2nd Class, we read the story ‘Ulbhacháin Óga’. In Art, we made our own owls. They could be on branches and we had a big debate on whether the eyes and feet should be brown or orange.

By Jacques & Hugo

Foxes in the Snow

We did Winter Foxes for Art. It was very fun. First, we watched a video so we knew how to draw the foxes. Here are the steps to draw foxes in the snow:

1.       Write your name

2.       Draw the head

3.       Draw the body

4.       Draw the face

5.       Draw the background

6.       Colour or Paint

By Hans & Luke

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

In 1st & 2nd Class we sang I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas at our Carol Service, so Ms Walker decided to do Art about it. It was a lot of fun and when we were done, we could read.

By Oisín

September News

Lego Self Portraits

In 1st & 2nd Class we did Lego Self-Portraits. It was lots of fun. We could choose either an already outlined Lego person or make our own. We could make our own background. Also, we could make animals.

By Hans, Hugo & Oisín


Word Wall

In 1st & 2nd Class we have a Word Wall. We write up new words that we have learned. Here are some: turf, pupils, doodles, chemicals, convinced, allergens, liquid, cowered, symmetrical, bizarre, up-chucking, hullabaloo, hibernate and trembling. We have learned so many already!

By Elliott & Thomas

What We Didn’t Do During the Summer Holidays

On the first week of school, we wrote about What We Didn’t Do During the Summer Holidays. Some people wrote about aliens, some wrote about walking and others about volcanoes. It was very fun!

By Jack

Autumn Cubism

We were doing Art all about an artist called Picasso. His art was called Cubism. We were doing his art and we made a tree and animals.

Step 1: Get Black Paper and cut a strip.

Step 2: Stick it on A4 white paper in the centre.

Step 3: Draw some shapes on the top of the sheet and draw animals. Colour.

By Eden & Sarah

Teidí Beag Álainn

In the morning we do Gaeilge. Ms Walker’s mum taught her the song Teidí Beag Álainn. So, Ms Walker is teaching us it too and other songs, but our favourite is Teidí Beag Álainn.

By Saoirse & Nayana

Birds of Colour

In September, we learned about the 3 primary colours, which are Red, Yellow and Blue. We got dishes with the 3 primary colours and we mixed them to make secondary colours. We learned that red + blue =purple, red + yellow = orange, and blue + yellow = green. We used these colours to design birds of colour. We had such a lovely time!

By Everyone