Our School Library


Developing a love of reading is a very important component of the primary curriculum and our library reflects how seriously this school regards the importance of encouraging children to read for pleasure.


Booterstown NS Library is very popular and often visited by the children. On a weekly basis the children visit in small groups to pick a book to read. The children have always had access to a wide range of books, constantly updated due to the generous donations from parents and a conscious effort from staff to update books on an on-going basis.

Children are invited to make suggestions regarding what to buy next. There are occasional competitions and seasonally themed activities. We are constantly working on initiatives to make reading as exciting as possible and to encourage enjoyment of reading.

Efforts have been made to make the library as inviting as possible and we encourage the children to keep the shelves in order, keep the room in good order and we organise book related events and activities wherever possible.


We always enjoy book-related activities on World Book Day, reading, drawing characters, designing book covers and talking about our favourite authors and books.



A Scholastic Book Fair took place in April 2023. The Book Fair lasted for 2 weeks in our library, parents purchased book vouchers for the children to ‘spend’ at the fair. It was very exciting and the children loved it. 

We will also created our own book through the ‘We are Writers’ programme through Scholastic. This raised funds for the school to purchase more books for the classrooms and library. 

Encouraging Reading

During library visits, we can help your children choose books that are age appropriate and enjoyable. Reading is also encouraged through fun activities and events. We organise quizzes, author visits and workshops, teddy bear visits, book reviews and more. A suggestion box is available in the Library for any book requests or activity ideas or please speak to a member of the Library Committee, who you will find in the Library during opening times.

Caring for Library Books

Please look after our school Library books. Use a bookmark and do not bend, tear, or crease pages, handle books with clean hands and don’t bend back the book spine. Most important of all - keep books away from leaking water bottles!

If you think your child has lost or damaged a Library book, please contact your child's Class Teacher or a member of the Library Committee. 

Lost or Damaged books

Any lost or damaged books can be either refunded to the school or replaced.

Did you know that if you shop online with Scholastic, you can earn 20c credit for our school to use for every €1 that you spend?

We always welcome donations of books (in good condition) that you no longer wish to keep.

It is due to very generous donations and the tremendous fundraising efforts by parents over the years, together with dedication and commitment of the school’s staff, Board of Management and PTA that we have such a well stocked school library so THANK YOU! We hope to continue to update and restock our library further, so keep up the great work!


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